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Photo by Junggi Sung
My name is Dan Kennedy. DK Studio is the banner under which I operate in San Francisco as artist and product designer, and my creative output is documented in these pages. Please navigate the site by clicking on the categories at the top of this page, and contact me if you have any questions or would just like to say hello!
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Barney Cauldron

Barney Cauldron

I'm honored to have been a part of Mark Pino's improvisational music project, Barney Cauldron, in which I've played bass guitar for the past year. Our music is 100% improvisation, with no goals other than to simply listen and play according to the present moment. Alas, as of today, Mark has declared the project finished. A sampling of the music that we've created together can be found here.
Open Studios

Open Studios

I'm participating in San Francisco Open Studios this year, which takes place over five weekends in October. My studio will be open on Weekend 4 (October 25-26) - please drop by for a visit. I'm located at SOMA Artists Studios, 689 Bryant St (x 5th St). More information about SF Open Studios can be found here.

New paintings

I've recently put my collages aside to focus on some new paintings, a few of which can be viewed on the Paintings page. It's been interesting to see how collage and painting can work together to evolve my art - collage reveals new forms, and then painting allows me to deliberately explore these forms in the context of a picture.

Product design portfolio

A basic product design portfolio can now be viewed on the Products page. Stay tuned for more entries as I complete new projects, although due to confidentiality agreements the entries will be limited to those products which have reached the market.
Launch has launched!

Welcome to the new website. Some of you may have noted that my previous website fell out of orbit within weeks after launching in late 2006, but I can assure you that will fare better.
Although looks a bit like a blog, with entries displayed in reverse chronological order, I have not implemented any interactive or web feed capabilities and I have no plans to do so. But as always I'm interested in your feedback and I encourage you to write to me via .
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